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Fists in Solidarity
Jordan Chong
Jordan Teaches the Following Subjects:
Math through Calculus II, English/Writing, Spanish, Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics
Davidson Academy of Nevada
Jordan Chong

Jordan is a student at the Davidson Academy of Nevada taking classes at the University of Nevada, Reno. After graduating, he hopes to study chemical engineering at a top university. In his hundreds of tutoring hours in math and science, Jordan has guided a wide range of students to the right answers and has created lesson plans for students that simplify complex concepts and develop proficiency. He believes peer tutoring can lead anyone to success and finds joy in helping students grow in a supportive and educational environment.
In his free time, Jordan does laboratory research at UNR, writes and edits for his school newspaper, and trains for (and runs) marathons. He is the District 13 representative in the Nevada Youth Legislature, representing around 30,000 Reno youth.

Plans to study Chemical Engineering
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