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Fists in Solidarity
Christopher Pinar
Christopher Teaches the Following Subjects:
Upper and Lower division Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, ASVAB, SAT Prep
University of Nevada, Reno
Christopher Pinar

Christopher is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student at UNR with a deep love for teaching. He speaks English, Spanish, Russian, and a little bit of of Italian after reading "Eat, Pray, Love" (Dolce far niete!) and is a great tutor if you're looking to brush up in any of the former three. He likes to run 10k races in his free time and plot world domination when no one is looking - you know, just normal college guy things. Being the oldest and coming from a large blended family, he spent much of his life tutoring his younger siblings, so you can count on him to know exactly how to work with younger kids and teenagers to learn as well as retain the knowledge they were given.

Currently Studying Mechanical Engineering
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