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Jake Shepherd, B.S.
Scheduling Manager | Tutor
Jake Shepherd

Plain and simple, Jake is not afraid to get weird with math. He understands that mathematics is often a monstrous hurdle to overcome for many students and makes a tremendous effort to show that often times the hurdle was just a lowly twig all along. As he puts it, "many students look at math and say, 'This is something I just cannot do no matter how much I try.' I always disagree. I think an effective tutor is someone who can take these giant mountains and carve them down to a small hill in an engaging and enjoyable manner." Jake's primary mission at Boosted Learning is show his students how much potential they have to excel in an otherwise heart-breaking subject, and to demonstrate that anyone can learn to see the wonders that is mathematics! With over three years of tutoring experience with scientifically proven teaching methods,  combined with his knowledge of and pure passion for mathematics, Jake is able to provide an experience to his students like no other. Take it from several of Jake's students, "Jake teaches this material better than my teacher!"


Jake is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He is currently a senior and plans to eventually get a Ph.D. to become a professor in the hopes that he will continue to inspire students year after year. Jake is also an avid musician, being able to play over five different instruments and often performs at various venues in Reno and elsewhere. After he graduates, he plans to move to Nasheville to continue his studies and become an active member of the music community.

SubjectsAlgebra, Geometry, Pre-calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus, and Beyond!



University of Nevada, Reno
Bachelors of Science in Computer Science
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