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FAQs From Our Tutors


Q: Will I need a car?

     A: A car would be best, but any reliable form of transportation that will allow you to make it to your session on time is necessary.  

Q: How far will I need to drive for my sessions?

     A: If a student lives farther than 15 minutes from downtown Reno, we ask that they meet at a closer location for our tutors. So at max, about 15 minutes of driving. But we typically work on grouping sessions for our tutors to allow a more efficient schedule.

Q: How will I know what I'll be tutoring starting on the first session?

     A: We coordinate with new students and determine which subjects they need help and what level of understanding that they have of their subject to get the ball rolling. This is all passed on to you so that you're prepped and ready for you first session.

Q: How often will I be working with the same student?

     A: Nearly all students schedule recurring weekly sessions that will take place throughout the year. This allows our tutors to become familiar with our students' learning styles and grow a close relationship that helps nurture their learning experience.  

Q: How will I know what my schedule is?

     A: An online account will be made for you which you can log into on a computer or mobile device. This will be necessary for any tutor's success. Daily emails are sent to our tutors as well which detail each upcoming session that is scheduled for the day. 

Q: How will I know if there has been a change to my schedule?

     A: Our scheduler will make sure to communicate any change to your schedule in a timely manner. This may include cancelations, re-schedules, or time amendments.

Q: Can I message my students directly?

     A: Absolutely! Any direct messaging is encouraged to help make any communication easier for your sessions. Just make sure to communicate any changes that might affect your schedule to our scheduler to allow for proper payments to be made. 

Q: I can only work a few days in the afternoons or evenings, is that alright?

     A: That is perfect. We are very flexible with scheduling our tutors.  We know that you have busy lives and we aren't the only one asking for your time. Just make sure to stick to your schedule once you've set it in place. 

Q: What should I do if a student wants me to stay longer than the scheduled time?

     A: You are more than welcome to stay longer if the family asks you to do so. That being said, you are not required to. If you have obligations that you need to attend to, you may leave. If you do stay later though, make sure to inform our scheduler so that proper billing can be completed. 

Q: How long should I wait at a students house without an answer before I leave?  

     A: If your student's family didn't show for a session, please wait at least 15 minutes and let a Boosted Learning admin know so that the family can be reached. Staying an extra 15 minutes is not required, but if needed, the same response comes into play as the question above.

Q: What if the student doesn't have any material to cover for our session? 

     A: If this comes up, we recommend to work with the student on previous material to try to brush up on any past difficulties that the student may have had.

Q: What if I have a question that hasn't been answered here?

     A: Please reach out to Boosted Admin by clicking on the Contact link above!  

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