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Fists in Solidarity
Zach Minaker
Zach Teaches the Following Subjects:
Physics, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Calculus
California State University Long Beach, & UNR
Zach Minaker

Zach Minaker is a Physics major working on earning his PhD at University of Nevada, Reno. Originally from southern California, he has been inspired to pursue physics since learning about scientists like Michael Faraday. Nothing excites him more than performing an experiment and finding the results are not quite what were expected. Zach is prepared to tutor all levels of math from algebra to calculus and any physics.

When Zach is not at looking at plasma laser interactions at the Nevada Terawatt Facility or working on current coursework, during the summer he’s wandering around outside exploring with his dog. In the winter you can find him building igloos and catching first tracks on the ski slopes.

Zach has 3 years of experience working as a teaching assistant for universities with both STEM student and non-STEM in physics laboratory courses. As an undergrad at UC Davis, he was a member of the physics club, performing outreach demonstrations and volunteer tutoring. Zach is eager to help tackle any problems individual students may face. He is excited for each of the unique challenges that arise concerning the connection between the abstraction of mathematics and the physical world.

M.S. in Physics & currently studying Physics for a Ph.D.
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