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Kate Begonia
Kate Teaches the Following Subjects:
Algebra I, Algebra II, Calculus I, Calculus II, Conceptual Physics, Elementary Mathematics, Geometry, Organization/Study Skills, Physics, Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calc, Statistics, Trigonometry, Lesson Planning, Test Prep - Math, Elementary Reading
Kate Begonia

Kate is a fourth year undergraduate student studying Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics at the University of Nevada, Reno. They are currently interning at a startup company called Eyenovia Incorporated as a Quality Assurance Engineer while studying to complete their Bachelor’s Degree. They strive to become a full-time engineer in the near future, as her goal is to help as many people as she can during her career.

As someone who has lived in multiple countries in her life, Kate understands the struggles of having enough resources to succeed in your own career paths, regardless of where you live. They have learned the many struggles one can come across, especially being a First-Generation Student. With this, they want to be able to provide the knowledge and determination she has to other fellow students who may need the extra push.

Kate has held many leadership positions in her college career, including President of Urban Dance Club UNR and New Member Educator of Alpha Phi Gamma National Sorority Inc., where they’ve learned how to teach and manage a whole organization, while also connecting with its members individually. They value the importance of education and would like to positively impact the lives of other students with this same value.

University of Nevada, Reno
Currently studying Electrical Engineering and Mathematics
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