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Carlee Sireika
Carlee Teaches the Following Subjects:
Science, English, Elementary Support, Organization Prep
Carlee Sireika

Carlee is a Reno native and found a passion for science when started working in a research lab at UNR's School of Medicine. Once she began to see the content that was being taught in the biology textbooks was identical to what it looked like under a microscope in real life, her passion for education grew exponentially. She went on to receive two Undergraduate Research Awards and was published as an undergraduate in a medical journal with her research team. She is currently working on getting into nursing school with a minor in Public Health and Addiction Treatment.

Carlee has a unique enthusiasm for the learning process because she knows that when we have a positive and encouraging mindset, everything becomes much easier to deal with. Carlee's students report that the reason they remember content after their sessions is because of the silly jokes she makes to relate the content to a pun, mnemonic, or a real life scenario. This being said, students enjoy having Carlee as their tutor because of her light hearted approach that inspires the students to engage and have fun with the learning process. Carlee's liveliness is contagious and her commitment to making sure her students leave each session more confident in themselves and their abilities is her #1 priority.

University of Nevada, Reno
Currently studying Public Health
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